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Neil Diamond Impersonator Monday: Craig Canter

“I Am … I Said” and “Play Me” need work, and he’s gonna have to spend a little more time watching concert videos to get the stage moves right, but you’ve gotta give this guy mad props for going beyond the cliches and doing “I’m Alive.” Bonus points for the name. (If you don’t get it, go watch The Jazz Singer again.)

Also, I’m pretty sure the font on the credits is Luna. Snaps for that, too.

who spent the weekend in New Mexico but hasn’t had time to ‘Shop the photos yet

Neil Diamond Impersonator Monday: Steve from Lemon Town

I have no idea who Steve is or where Lemon Town is, but I think he’s been listening to way too much of Neil Diamond’s Live in America album, because he’s got the cigarette-and-long-road-trip-ravaged vocals pretty much down….


Neil Diamond Impersonator Monday: Mark Thomas

This guy actually sounds pretty good, although the real Neil Diamond would never be able to hit that low note in “Sweet Caroline” so smoothly.

Speaking of which, they forgot to play that at the Drillers game tonight. No wonder we lost. (Yeeeeeeeah … that’s why we lost. Pay no attention to our four errors — two by mah-boy Arenado — or the Springfield Cardinals’ second baseman, whose defensive talents remind me of a certain Hall of Fame shortstop who used to turn backflips at Busch Stadium when I was a kid.)


Neil Diamond Impersonator Monday

This guy isn’t likely to fool any dyed-in-the-wool Diamond Girls, but I’d probably hire him to play at a party if Black Diamond wasn’t available….

On an unrelated note, I am not very happy with my computer keyboard this evening. The space bar and quotation mark key both quit working for no apparent reason, forcing me to borrow Ron’s keyboard. This would be fine, except that my computer is a Mac, and Ron’s is a PC, and while the two keyboards have equivalent command keys, they are configured differently, so I keep hitting the wrong button when I’m trying to copy, paste, select all, close, quit, etc.

My kingdom for a 24-hour Apple Store….


Neil Diamond Impersonator Tuesday: Tom Sadge

Oops. I forgot yesterday was Monday. I know you’re heartbroken.

But really: This guy would be a dead ringer if not for the fact that he hits that low note in “Sweet Caroline” way too well.

And a clarification: Yesterday’s post caused a wee bit of consternation among some readers. I’m fine, thanks; just spent some time yesterday with an individual who reminded me a lot of myself a few years ago, and the whole scene felt rather surreal, like something out of a Richard Bach novel.

Trippy but harmless. You know … sort of like watching a Neil Diamond impersonator. 😉