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Bath 2

Scout had to have a bath the other night after I let her lick a marshmallow creme jar. (Licking marshmallow creme out of a jar is Big Fun, but it also makes a Big Mess.) The boys needed baths, too, but it was too cold to take them outside, and they are too big to wrestle in and out of the tub for anything less than a dire emergency, so we saved that project for this afternoon.

I was taking a nap when Ron gave Jason a bath, but I went out and helped him with Songdog, who looked so pathetic that I just couldn’t resist adding to the humiliation by documenting the event for posterity.

Bath 1

Song isn’t speaking to us any more, but I’m sure a cookie or two will put us back in his good graces….

Bath 3

Hope you’re having a better Sunday afternoon than Song is. 🙂