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I got off work a little early this afternoon, and Ron had the day off, so we spent a couple of hours on Route 66, adding another 30 images to my one-shot-per-mile project, which is part of my 101 Things list. If you haven’t yet, scoot over to and take a peek at the project. My most recent post was mile 5, but you can scroll down to see the first four images, or just click below:

Mile 1
Mile 2
Mile 3
Mile 4
Mile 5

I’m posting one image per day on I got a couple of really nice shots this evening before it got too dark to work. We got as far as Chelsea before we ran out of daylight and headed back to Claremore for barbecue at Cotton-Eyed Joe’s.

I seem to be terribly tired this evening — not tired like I’ve been working too hard, but tired like I just want to curl up and go to sleep for about a week. I seem to be in some kind of one day up, two days down cycle: One night, I come home from work and go hell-for-leather all evening, getting projects done right and left and staying up until 3 a.m. (or later), and the next two nights, I come home from work, get one or two little things done, and then crash before midnight. Maybe one of these days I’ll get the hang of doing an appropriate amount of work and getting an appropriate amount of sleep every day like a normal person….


Getting ‘er done

“We are all capable of more than we do.”
— Mary Baker Eddy

OK … as promised, here’s an update on my evening’s accomplishments:

1. Installed my new coatrack and got the coats off the back of Ron’s chair as part of my effort to make the living room more presentable. Here’s the coatrack … mounted a little low because I didn’t notice how low the hooks hang, but it still gets the job done:


2. Made a little bud vase for my car. (That’s No. 11 on my 101 Things list.) I didn’t have a flower to put in it just yet, but you get the idea:


3. Transplanted a bunch of babies from my spider plant. (That’s No. 69 on my 101 Things list.) I gave one of the plants to my friend Beverly tonight at church. I’m taking the other five to work tomorrow. I think they look cute:


4. Ordered my custom license plate frame. It has bees on it and says “God save the Queen.” That’s No. 89 on the list.

5. Sorted all my bookmarks and deleted the dead links and the ones I don’t need any more. That’s No. 93.

6. Painted my new house number. (That’s No. 96 on the list.) I used the same style as I’d used on my crazy chair. I should have sanded the letters before I started, because they’re terribly ragged, but I didn’t think of it until I was half-finished with the project. I’ll trim off some of the worst rough spots tomorrow, after the paint dries, and then I can hit the numbers with a shot of lacquer to protect them from the elements before I hang them up. Even with the rough edges, I think they turned out pretty cute:


I also finished reading a Journal and listened to three Podcasts. Now I just need to find a good YouTube for Folk Thursday, and then I’ll head to bed….


Things update

I crossed a few items off my 101 Things list today:

9. Finish Jamie’s audiobooks.
31. Set up a better daily routine to be more productive at work.
55. Memorize Samuel L. Jackson’s “Ezekiel 25:17″ riff from Pulp Fiction.
91. Check out all the links on Ron’s blog.
94. Sort all the messages in my “receipts” folder and delete the outdated ones.

That first one took most of the evening after I got home … sound editing isn’t difficult, but it is s-l-o-o-o-o-o-w … but I did spend an hour and a half working on the Route 66 photography project. I got 20 shots between Red Fork and Catoosa before it got too dark to work.

I also nuked a pot pie for dinner, spent some time with Jason, wrapped the baby gifts we’re going to give my copy editor and his wife tomorrow at the shower we’re throwing for them at the office, and now I am getting ready to sit down and read a Journal before I go to bed.

Hope your evening was productive.