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10 on Tuesday: Places to Go

Today’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 Places You’d Love to Travel To (That You Haven’t Gone to Yet)

As I told Brigid a minute ago: I’ve got reeeeeeeal refined tastes. Her list is full of places like Russia and Egypt and Ireland. Mine revolves around the Seven Wonders of Roadside America and various other oddities:

1. Dillon, S.C. (home of South of the Border — one of the Seven Wonders of Roadside America)
2. Spring Hill, Fla. (home of the Weeki Wachee Mermaids — a suitable replacement for the late Aquarena Springs, which was one of the Seven Wonders until it fired Ralph the Diving Pig and turned into some uppity research lab)
3. St. Petersburg, Fla. (home of the Salvador Dali Museum)
4. Alliance, Neb. (home of Carhenge)
5. Wall, S.D. (home of Wall Drug — another of the Seven Wonders)
6. Bethel, N.Y. (home of Max Yasgur’s farm)
7. Boston, Mass. (home of the Mapparium, among many other things)
8. Cabazon, Calif. (home of the Cabazon Dinosaurs)
9. The Lincoln Highway (all of it)
10. Bisbee, Ariz. (home of the Shady Dell and its collection of fabulous vintage Airstreams)

Where would you like to go?


10 on Tuesday

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 things you’d fix in your home (if you had the time and money). Here are mine:

1. New shower enclosure.
2. Repaint ceilings.
3. Repaint kitchen.
4. Repaint bathroom.
5. Repaint living room.
6. Finish Wild Things mural.
7. Finish Lorax mural.
8. This isn’t a fix, exactly, but I want a hoophouse for the garden.
9. Build structure to shade air conditioner.
10. Replace bed with something better designed.

10 on Tuesday

I love this week’s 10 on Tuesday topic: 10 places you’d take a tourist to see in your hometown.

I’ll do two lists — one for the town where I grew up, and one for the town where I live now.

10 places I’d take a tourist in Herrin, Ill.:

1. The Annex. That neon sign is dazzling.
2. Bryan Furniture. An even more dazzling — and historically significant — neon sign.
3. Park Avenue Motel. Walk into the lobby, and you’ll swear you’ve slipped through a hole in the space-time continuum and landed in 1963 — plus the neon sign out front is great.
4. Burger Nook. Burgers and fries the way God intended: cheap and greasy. You can’t beat ’em. I worked there for three or four years as a kid and never got tired of the food.
5. Mary’s Restaurant. Upscale dining in a great old house.
6. Baldwin Pianos. Worth a trip just to shoot the bull with Bruce and test-drive sheet music on those gleaming concert grands in the showroom.
7. Herrin City Park. I grew up tossing bread off the bridge and watching the ducks and minnows nibble on it … when I wasn’t fleeing in terror from that big goose with the attitude problem or trying to work up my nerve to climb up into the flying saucer or the fort with the telescopes on it.
8. Church of Jesus Only. Never set foot in the place, but oh, that beautiful neon sign out front!
9. Louie’s P&R Market. Is there anything better than a great Italian grocery?
10. Diamonds 4 and 5. If you don’t smile while watching a bunch of 7-year-olds in pigtails learn to play softball, there is something pathologically wrong with you.

10 places I’d take a tourist in Tulsa:

1. Lyon’s Indian Store. Gorgeous Art Deco building on Route 66.
2. Boston Avenue Methodist Church. Spectacular Zigzag architecture, with tons of incredible flourishes.
3. Downtown Red Fork. Wonderfully historic buildings on Route 66, right across from …
4. Ollie’s Station Restaurant. Enjoy fried chicken while umpteen model trains run on little tracks above your head.
5. Hank’s Hamburgers. The Big Okie is the best burger I’ve had anywhere on Route 66 … and the peanut butter balls are to die for.
6. Swinney’s Hardware. Just because I love it … plus the neon sign is great.
7. Circle Cinema. Beautiful, historic, and run by volunteers who appreciate artsy little indie films. One of the coolest places in town.
8. Green Country Feed and Seed. How many feed stores are heated with woodstoves and have a pack of dogs wandering around, sampling the bulk pig ears and making friends with the customers?
9. 11th Street Bridge. Now called something else long and complicated, but still there and still beautiful.
10. Admiral Twin Drive-In. You can’t beat a trip to the drive-in on a summer night.

What would you put on your list?


10 on Tuesday: Spring

Today’s 10 on Tuesday topic is: 10 things you’re looking forward to in the spring.

1. Getting the hang of my new jobs.
2. Hearing good news about former colleagues as they settle into new positions.
3. Fireflies.
4. Flowers.
5. Riding my bike more.
6. Getting the Trip Guide done.
7. Spending a weekend with Mom and Dad when they come to visit.
8. Getting the garden in the ground.
9. Watching that truckload of horse manure we picked up yesterday turn into rich, black compost.
10. Adding more beehives.

It’s felt like spring for a couple of days. I noticed a few spring beauty blossoms opening in my neighbor’s yard yesterday. Before long, his whole front yard will be covered in tiny white flowers, and his flowering almond will start to bloom in a few weeks. My neighborhood is always so pretty in the spring….


10 on Tuesday: Movies

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is 10 Movies That You’ve Intended to Watch, But Haven’t.

I’m cheating a little bit and including the ones mentioned in “Science Fiction Double Feature” that I haven’t seen yet.

1. Toy Story 2
2. The Invisible Man
3. King Kong
4. It Came from Outer Space
5. Forbidden Planet
6. Tarantula
7. Day of the Triffids
8. When Worlds Collide
9. Dr. Strangelove
10. The Big Lebowski

What are yours?


10 on Tuesday

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is “10 Things You Hate About Politics.”

This is kind of a tough list for me, because I love the American political system. There are things I’d like to see people do differently, but the system itself is about as good as any you’ll find on the planet, so I’m hesitant to say I hate anything about it. I’d like to see these changes, though:

1. Revamp the Electoral College so the outcome of the electoral vote matches the outcome of the popular vote.
2. Hold all the primaries on the same day.
3. DQ any candidate whose campaign resorts to dirty tricks.
4. More grassroots involvement; less corporate manipulation.
5. More substance; less silliness.
6. Make ads more straightforward and less manipulative.
7. No more demonizing people. Having a different opinion does not make somebody evil. 8. Better voter turnout.
9. Stop using ideological labels as insults. “Liberal” and “conservative” aren’t bad words.
10. More face time; less TV.

On an unrelated note, the Cubs’ pitchers and catchers report to Mesa tomorrow!


10 on Tuesday: Kill your television

I love this week’s 10 on Tuesday topic: 10 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV.

The topic was apparently inspired by the TV writers’ strike, which has had exactly zero impact on my life. We canceled our cable seven years ago, and I haven’t watched TV on a regular basis since Murphy Brown went off the air. If I had anything to say about it, we’d have an old Philco Predicta Continental sitting in the living room, and never mind that even a mint-condition model won’t pick up a signal when everything goes high-def next year. When you’ve got sleek Danish Modern lines, you don’t need talking pictures.

With that in mind, here’s my list … and this is just stuff I’ve done this evening:

1. Watch my gerbil explore her new cage.
2. Sort my latest batch of Holga prints. (Scans forthcoming sometime this week.)
3. Kiss the velvety-soft fur just behind my collie mutt’s ears.
4. Make a salad.
5. Bake some potatoes for dinner.
6. Make a batch of peppermint bark.
7. Take a nap.
8. Call my sister.
9. Read the Monitor.
10. Blog.

What about you? What do you do with your evenings?


P.S.: Eight days to p/c camp!

10 on Tuesday

I skipped a couple of weeks’ worth of 10 on Tuesday lists because I didn’t like the topics, but this week’s topic was “10 Things You’d Buy If You Had a Million Dollars,” which seems like more fun.

The catch is that you can’t spend the money on somebody else — it’s got to be stuff just for yourself. Here’s my list:

1. 20 acres in the middle of nowhere (preferably New Mexico or the Texas Panhandle)
2. Small (500-square-foot or less) Earthship
3. Good-sized barn
4. Half a dozen Dexter mini-cattle
5. Half a dozen Boer goats
6. 25 chickens (mostly buff Orpingtons)
7. 50 beehives full of golden Italians
8. BLM mustang
9. Good Border collie to help keep track of the other critters
10. Hoop house

What would you buy?


10 on Tuesday: Double feature

I had my choice of two 10 on Tuesday lists this week. I decided to do both.

10 best pictures of 2007 (posted in chronological order)


John’s Modern Cabins, an hour before sunset


Our Lady of the Highways


Parts sign on Route 66 in Oakhurst


Miss Belvedere


Hispanic cemetery near Montoya, N.M.


Bat boy found in Southern Illinois …


Sunflowers near Tucumcari Mountain


Holga portrait of my friend Linda


Jamie hugs an old family friend


Double-exposure Holga shot (on Agfa film) of 66 west of Sapulpa

10 best moments of 2007 (also posted in chronological order):

1. Painting the Wild Things mural with Jaiden and Corbin
2. Adopting the Bond Chicks
3. Buying Gretchen
4. Instantaneous healing of a broken foot
5. Photographing Miss Belvedere
6. Painting Ray’s Motel
7. Getting our solar array
8. Primary class (OK, so that was two weeks, not a moment … but there were lots of great moments in it)
9. Okie Blogger Award
10. Watching Jamie learn to clap his hands

How was your year?


10 on Tuesday: Predictions

This week’s 10 on Tuesday topic is “10 Predictions for the New Year.”

I think what makes my life so much fun is the fact that it is so very UNpredictable. But I think these are likely:

1. We’ll set up several new beehives.
2. The solar panels will continue to perform well.
3. The Trip Guide will go more smoothly than it has in previous years.
4. Partly because I’ll finally get my office organized in a more efficient manner.
5. I’ll buy Jamie several adorable things that he probably doesn’t need.
6. I’ll finally get Kathryn’s presents boxed up and shipped to Australia.
7. I’ll finish reading that stack of Journals in the living room.
8. I’ll spend a lot of hours on Route 66 projects.
9. I’ll make a few sock monkeys.
10. I’ll continue to grow spiritually.