NOTE: This is part of the new novel I am writing. I am posting it here as a diversion for readers who may be living under shelter-in-place policies while the world waits for the coronavirus pandemic to pass. For an explanation of this project, please click here. To read the chapters I’ve posted in order, click here.

Bill Swinney’s Barn ~ Coldwater, N.M.

Morgan stood in the center of the indoor arena, trying not to let the wind distract her as it rattled against the side of the pole barn. She’d been in here with Dr. Kavanaugh for more than an hour, with nothing to show for her efforts but a headache. This was a fool’s errand. Summoning fog was one thing; transforming her body into an entirely different species was quite another. She rubbed at her eyes in frustration. 

“This is stupid,” she grumbled. “Are you sure I’m supposed to be able to shapeshift?”

Dr. Kavanaugh’s expression was serene. “You already have.”

“But what if I haven’t? Maybe that was just a dream. What if that isn’t really one of my powers, and we’re just wasting an afternoon we could have spent on something useful? We still don’t know what the monster is.”

“Which is why we need you to do this. I think once you remember how to alter your form, the rest will come back to you — including what you know about that thing.” Continue reading Training