Battle Queen

NOTE: This is part of the new novel I am writing. I am posting it here as a diversion for readers who may be living under shelter-in-place policies while the world waits for the coronavirus pandemic to pass. For an explanation of this project, please click here. To read the chapters I’ve posted in order, click here.

Battle Queen
Coldwater Elementary School, Coldwater, N.M.

“You need to quit dropping these little bombs on me,” Morgan said. She wanted to protest, to argue that she couldn’t be a goddess, that this was all madness, a joke someone was playing on her, and she didn’t appreciate it, but she couldn’t muster the words or the will to speak them, because she knew they weren’t true.

She closed her eyes, and the battle was below her again, men and horses and blood and violence. She saw a man below her, tied to a stone. A spear protruded from his belly. Morgan watched in horror as he pulled it out, his entrails spilling out of the gash. It was the worst thing Morgan had ever seen, and she thought she might throw up.

No, she thought. I’m a bird. Birds can’t throw up. I read that somewhere. The wave of nausea passed, and she turned her eyes away from the horrific scene to focus on the man’s face. His eyes pleaded with her, and she glided down, through the smoke and the blood and the shouting, to light on his shoulder.  Continue reading Battle Queen