Hi-dee-ho, neighbor.

What’s better than a breezeblock wall? A breezeblock wall just at the golden hour, with three dogs and a cat greeting each other over it.

That guy doing his very best Wilson impression in the top photo is Bruce. He belongs to my preacher, Amy, who lives a couple of blocks down the street from us and has a fabulous hidden-circle wall around her backyard. Bruce and his housemates had a good time visiting with Ramona over the fence while Ron and I were walking the dogs yesterday evening.

Dog peeking through breezeblock wall
Look closely to see Bruce peeking at us through the breezeblocks.
Orange tabby cat atop a breezeblock wall
Jake the cat came out for a visit and took a moment to pose in the sunlight.
Two dogs greeting each other over a breezeblock wall
Ramona makes a new friend. This is Bruce’s housemate. I forgot his name.
Dog peeking under a metal fence
This guy lives a few blocks over from Amy. I’ve never seen him before, but we got a kick out of his efforts to see us as we were walking down the alley.

Our dogs love this down time. We’re home a lot more than usual, and they’re getting a lot more attention. I finally had time to download the Hal Higdon app and start training for another marathon, which is something I’d been planning to do since Ramona was a puppy. I took her out this afternoon for our first scheduled run: a three-mile jog. She’s a good running buddy. If you’ve been thinking about taking up distance running (with or without your dog), now is a good time to do it. The weather is starting to warm up, but we still have a few weeks of fairly moderate temperatures, which gives you time to acclimate and build your endurance before it gets really hot.



NOTE: This is part of the new novel I am writing. I am posting it here as a diversion for readers who may be living under shelter-in-place policies while the world waits for the coronavirus pandemic to pass. For an explanation of this project, please click here.

9:30 p.m. May 23, 2019 ~ Casa de Jesus, Coldwater, N.M.

Colleen’s eyes narrowed as she spotted the man at the bar, trying to chat up a woman with long, reddish-brown hair plaited into a thick braid. She was certain he wouldn’t remember her, but she remembered him. She’d dealt with him once before, in this same bar. The woman was leaning away from him. He was nothing to look at and even less to talk to. Texan, if she remembered correctly. He’d hassled her one evening several years earlier. She was surprised Jesus still let him come in.

Before Colleen could consider her next move, two things happened: The guy put his hand on the woman’s ass, and in her effort to get away from him, the woman turned just enough for Colleen to recognize her as the Coldwater High School principal.

Colleen was across the room and insinuating herself between them in a split-second. Continue reading Rescued