Welcome to the jungle

As longtime readers know, I am powerless to resist an opportunity to meander through a greenhouse. If it’s cold or overcast outside, or I’m having a hard day, or I just need a little boost in some direction, meandering around a nursery works wonders on my mood. There’s something about the warm, moist air, the vibrant colors, and the smells inside a greenhouse that energizes me.

This fall, I found two nurseries worthy of a wander: Coulter Gardens in Amarillo and Rehm’s Nursery in Albuquerque.

Both businesses carry a pretty nice assortment of houseplants, and I’ve spent the past three or four months rebuilding the collection of plants I had to rehome when we moved.

Above are a few of my recent acquisitions, which I’ve already had to repot a time or two. My long-term goal is to turn my office into a veritable jungle, with hanging baskets, terrariums, and shelves full of plants everywhere. I think I’ve got a pretty respectable start on that project now.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to the jungle”

  1. Once upon a time, I had an old metal shelf unit that stretched across all three of the dining room windows, and it was loaded with plants that gave me great joy. Remember? There were over 100 pots of plants, many of them African violets. Mealybugs infested them and spread to several other plants until eventually I had to get rid of most of the collection. No matter how beautiful the temptation, I’ve never purchased another African violet.

    1. I remember. And I’ve been distrustful of African violets ever since. I still consider them now and then, because they’re cat-safe, and I had one when we lived in Cape, but my thing at the moment is spider plants, because I can’t have pothos, and I need *something* trailing out of my hanging baskets.

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