Tiny Tuesday: Over-the-door basket

Yet another product-review-type post: I was at the hardware store the other day and found a nice assortment of cabinet organizers of various types, including some fairly elaborate slide-out racks and trash bins and drawers that looked promising but way more expensive and elaborate than I felt like messing with just then. (File those under “worthy of further research.”)

I couldn’t spare the time or money to buy any of the fancy organizers, but I found a great little wire basket that hangs over the back of the cabinet door next to the stove, allowing me to reclaim yet another underutilized space. It’s not a huge basket, but it’s big enough to hold a couple of water bottles, my apple corer and slicer, and my small bamboo cutting board, which I use all the time. (It’s not in the picture because I’d just used it, actually.)

Reclaimed a little space with this basket and got those bottles up off the bottom of the cabinet so they'd stop tipping over and falling out every time I opened it.
Reclaimed a little space with this basket and got those bottles up off the bottom of the cabinet so they’d stop tipping over and falling out every time I opened it.

I got my basket at Lowe’s for about $12, but I’ve seen similar products elsewhere and can’t imagine one would really be much different from another.


Disclaimer: As always, I just posted about this product because I found it useful and thought somebody else might, too. Nobody paid me or gave me free products or anything.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Tuesday: Over-the-door basket”

  1. I’m curious. I’ve seen inside-the-door attachments for years and always dismissed them because it seems like they would just eat space that I’m already using on the shelves of the cabinet. Do you find this to be a problem? Also, your dad doesn’t like for me to put weight on doors because it can affect the hinges, though I guess if all you had in the basket was lightweight plastic that probably wouldn’t make any difference. Just wondering. . .

    1. This one is hanging in a cabinet that doesn’t have any shelves in it, so it’s basically the space above the area where I store things anyway. I’ve seen them used a lot in bathrooms, but our bathroom cabinet is too small for that to work here. And yeah, I wouldn’t put anything very heavy in it, but I just use it for a couple of plastic bottles, an apple corer, and a very small bamboo cutting board, so I doubt it’s hurting the hinges. Most of these hinges suck anyway, and the screws on several of them are stripped out so you can’t tighten them. :/

      1. Stick the bottom end of a match in the screw hole and break it off. Squirt a little glue in around the matchstick, and you should be able to get a replacement screw to hold.

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