Road work ahead

I had some good intentions about updating Route 66 for Kids last winter, but then I got busy chiseling my car out from under umpteen ice storms and picking up extra projects at work and replacing my hard drive after the old one crashed and starting tomatoes and insulating the basement and covering a murder trial and raising quail and planting the garden and setting up beehives and shopping for lawn gnomes and covering an execution that ended up being postponed, and by the time I got through all that, vacation season had started, and there really wasn’t any point in releasing an update after people had already started traveling, so I just gave up and let the whole mess slide another year.

Anyway, I’ve had the Mother Road on my mind the last couple of days, and the book is past due for an update, so I think I’m gonna start that tonight and see how far down the road I can get before bedtime. I’m kind of looking forward to the excuse to call old friends. I don’t get to see the roadie crowd often enough now that I’m a two-hour drive from the nearest alignment of 66, and as much as I enjoy the Blues Highway, it just isn’t the same. (Yet, anyway.)

I expect to release the new edition before Memorial Day weekend. I’m playing with the idea of doing a print edition as well, since Amazon now offers a print-on-demand service, but I haven’t decided whether it’s worth the effort yet. We’ll see.