Vegan Friday: Avocado quesadilla

These look vaguely like quesadillas, but they're basically fried guacamole sandwiches.
These look vaguely like quesadillas, but they’re basically fried guacamole sandwiches.

By definition, quesadillas contain cheese (the word quesadilla means “little cheesy thing” in Spanish), so when I saw recipes on Pinterest for vegan quesadillas, my immediate reaction was, “Oh, look: Clueless people who don’t understand what words mean are flaunting their ignorance on Pinterest again. Goody.” But one of the pictures involved avocado, so I clicked it anyway and found this recipe, which I didn’t really follow to the letter. Anyway. Avocado quesadilla thingy. Here you go: Ingredients 1 avocado 2 flour tortillas (I used whole wheat because that’s what I had on hand) 1 small tomato Taco seasoning Nutritional yeast (optional) Salt Olive oil

Sprinkle with nooch and taco seasoning. The former seems unnecessary to me, so don't get wound up if you can't find any.
Sprinkle with nooch and taco seasoning. The former seems unnecessary to me, so don’t get wound up if you can’t find any.

Cut an avocado in half and spread it halfway across one of the flour tortillas. Repeat with second tortilla. Slice up the tomato and arrange the slices on top of the avocado. Sprinkle with taco seasoning, nooch and salt to taste. Fold each tortilla in half. Fry lightly in olive oil on both sides until tortilla starts to brown. Cut into wedges if desired. Makes two servings. These don’t really taste like quesadillas, and I think the nooch is kind of extraneous, which is why I listed it as an optional ingredient. But you can’t really go wrong with avocado on a tortilla, and these make a good quick meal. If you’re worried about protein, you could always smear some refried beans on the other half of each tortilla before folding. Emily

2 thoughts on “Vegan Friday: Avocado quesadilla”

    1. I keep nooch on hand for making Ro-Tel nachos when it’s too cold to leave the house in search of junk food, but it didn’t really do much here. Didn’t hurt it; just didn’t add a lot.

      I’ve seen quesadilla recipes with hummus in them, but whole-wheat tortillas already have kind of a quasi-pita taste going on, and I was afraid I’d lose the Mexican flavor if I got too carried away. A fried hummus sandwich wouldn’t be a bad thing, though. 🙂

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