Excuse my dust.

I haven't really gotten any more coordinated since 1976.
I haven’t really gotten any more coordinated since 1976.

I’m playing with a redesign on my site to make it a little more representative of what I write about most of the time. (The bridge is pretty, but it doesn’t really say “hippie crap,” which — let’s face it — is the main focus of this blog.)

In the interest of getting the preview feature on WordPress to work a little better, I’m going to put up several test posts with random photographs in them so I can see how the image-heavy themes work.

Once I settle on a theme, I’ll be playing with widgets and customizing it, and unfortunately, there’s not a good way to do that behind the scenes. Don’t freak out if you pop in to see what I’m doing and find something that looks nothing like you were expecting. If stuff is jumbled and words are printed on top of each other and everything looks like hell on a platter … bear with me. This, too, shall pass. I hope for this to be more art-driven when it’s finished. The good news for you is that a photo-driven theme will require me to, y’know, post more photos.

Anyway. Gratuitous photo at the top of this post is just there so I have a photo to work with as I look things over. It kind of reflects how I feel when I’m redesigning something, though.