Taking one for the team

I am pleased to report that we are almost halfway through that gallon of ice cream I had to buy when the motor burned up in the all-in-one pump-and-filter unit in the pond.*

At this rate, I should be able to construct a new filter by Saturday.


* For those of you just joining us: I had to buy a gallon of cookies and cream ice cream Monday because I needed the bucket to use as the housing for a new filter. An ice-cream bucket full of scouring pads is way cheaper than a prefabbed biofilter. I couldn’t just buy a bucket, because I had to have one with a lid, and all the containers with lids that are available for purchase are too big to fit in the bottom of the pond. So eating an entire gallon of ice cream is a necessity. All the fish and toads that live in that pond are depending on me. Plus you know I’ll post instructions if it works, so I’m doing this as much for you as for them. I’m obviously taking one for the team here. Quit looking at me like that and respect my sacrifice.

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