Not-So-Folk Thursday: Vince Guaraldi

This is totally not folk, but today’s NaBloPoMo prompt is:

“Winter and summer are two seasons that have songs clearly associated with the time period. But are there any songs that remind you of fall?”

Of course.

If you’re my age or younger, and you don’t associate fall with “Linus and Lucy,” I’m going to assume you had a lousy childhood.


One thought on “Not-So-Folk Thursday: Vince Guaraldi”

  1. Peter Robbins, who did the voice of Charlie Brown for the earliest Peanuts cartoons, will be at a sci-fi con in two weeks in….ready for it?….Dallas. Yeah, I’m somehow doubting I can get any actors to hold props for photos in that city so I’ll probably stay home. I was disappointed at that realization until I read that Robbins is on probation for threatening his girlfriend. I don’t think I want to meet him. (I wonder if, when sentenced, he exclaimed “Rats!”)

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