Vegan Friday: Green chile burritos

Little packets of awesomeness.
Little packets of awesomeness.

One of my favorite recent additions to Route 66 is a truck stop just off I-40 in Endee, N.M., called Russell’s. The classic car museum, diner and terrific assortment of souvenirs are all nice, but the real attraction for me is the green chile burrito.

Wrapped in foil and tucked in a case under a heat lamp, Russell’s green chile burrito looks like any other gas-station snack you’ve ever seen, but trust me on this: It’s different. Way different. Stuffed with meat, potatoes, cheese and green chile, this burrito is basically your first taste of New Mexico after you cross the state line from the Texas Panhandle. 

Knowing it could be a long time before I had another opportunity to enjoy the real thing, I paid special attention to what I was eating on this trip, savoring the taste with an eye toward replicating it at home. Here’s the vegan version of what I came up with:

2 small potatoes, diced
Small onion, diced
Two green chiles, roasted, or 1 small can chopped green chile
Olive oil
1 bag Boca crumbles
Cumin to taste
Chili powder to taste
4 to 6 flour tortillas

Nuke onions and potatoes with a little olive oil.
Nuke onions and potatoes with a little olive oil.

Nuke potatoes, onion and a tablespoon or two of olive oil in a covered dish until potatoes are soft. Add Boca crumbles, green chile, cumin and chili powder, stir, and microwave again until heated through. 

Warm each tortilla for 10 seconds in microwave. Using a big serving spoon, put a scoop of potato-Boca mixture in center of tortilla, wrap and serve. (If desired, add a small handful of your favorite vegan cheddar substitute before wrapping.)