Eco-Saturday: T-shirt bags

I could have sworn I’d posted this somewhere before — maybe on this blog, or maybe on the one Ron set up to track our adventures in solar living a few years ago — but bloody hell if I can find it now.

Anyway, several years ago, inspired by this awesome Craftster tutorial, I turned some old T-shirts into a set of reusable shopping bags to take to the grocery store. (BTW, Craftster is a fantastic site full of creative people from all over the planet who have all kinds of ideas for upcycling and reconning stuff that otherwise might end up in a landfill. Whenever I’m feeling down, I pop over there and surf for ideas. Some of my most epic creative outbursts have been inspired by Craftster posts.)

Whether you make them yourself or buy them ready-made, reusable bags are a great, super-easy way to reduce your environmental impact.

Martha Stewart has a slightly simpler tutorial here that’s closer to the method I used. If you use her approach, stitch across the bottom two or three times to reinforce the seam.


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