Vegan Friday: Quesadilla Florentine

Flatbread quesadillas make quick dinners.

Mod’s Coffeehouse in Tulsa serves vegan crepes one day a week, and they’ve got a killer Florentine crepe that introduced me to the miracle of Daiya shreds. Sadly, Mod’s is 450 miles away from where I live now, so I can’t just dash over there for lunch when the mood strikes. Poop. 😦

Secret weapon: flatbread.

I didn’t feel like running down a vegan crepe recipe the other day, so I just took the basic premise and turned it into a quick quesadilla.

This recipe has two secret weapons: Daiya mozzarella-style shreds (available at bigger supermarkets and most health-food stores) and Flat-Out bread, a thin, high-protein, whole-grain flatbread that’s somewhere between a tortilla and a pita and just about perfect for hearty wraps and quesadillas. I found Flat-Out at a Walgreens one night while I was picking up something else, and Schnuck’s has started carrying it recently. If you can’t find it, plain old whole-wheat tortillas will work in a pinch.

Two pieces Flat-Out bread or two whole-wheat tortillas
Two small handfuls of baby spinach
Two small handfuls of sliced mushrooms
Roma tomato, sliced thinly
Two small handfuls Daiya mozzarella-style shreds

Ignore the weird lighting, please. My range hood light confuses the camera.

Layer spinach, mushrooms, tomato and Daiya on half of a flatbread. Fold it over, put it on a microwavable plate, and repeat the process with the other flatbread.

Fold like this and microwave.

Microwave until Daiya starts to melt and spinach wilts (about a minute, but check after 30 seconds in case your microwave is unusually fast). Fry gently in melted margarine until browned on both sides.

Cut in half before serving. Serves two big people or four little people.

I like these because they’re a little different from your standard quesadilla, and the flatbread and mushrooms give them a protein boost.