Trying to catch up.

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages. Things have been nuts at work, with big deadlines last week and an execution that was scheduled for this week but was stayed twice, necessitating two trips to Bonne Terre and a lot of strange hours in a high-security environment that made me tired and nervous, partly because it involved trying to work from a remote site while separated from a lot of the tools and resources I’m used to having at my disposal, and partly because I was really dreading the thought of watching a man die, regardless of what he did to put himself in that position.

In between, I had a perfectly marvelous, much-needed three-day weekend that included a massage; beekeeping; a trip to the hardware store; a trip to a 95-year-old feed store; the purchase of a lawn gnome and a fabulously creepy statue that’s weirdly evocative of the infamous Weeping Angels; a little time on both Route 66 and Highway 61; and a Judy Collins concert in a 325-seat theater a couple of blocks off 66 in Edwardsville, Ill. (We were in the second row, and yes, it was wonderful: Tiny venue full of Baby Boomers who knew all the songs and sang along at every opportunity. It felt less like a concert and more like an old friend had thrown a party and brought out her guitar to break the ice — which is exactly the sort of vibe a folk concert ought to have.)

The weekend was great, but it wasn’t quite enough to overcome the stress of last week’s deadlines and the stress, late nights, erratic meals, and general failure to take care of myself over the past couple of days, so I woke up this morning with a fever, muscle spasms in my legs and a level of exhaustion that kept me in bed until about an hour ago.

Twelve hours of sleep, several bottles of water and a lot of electrolytes later, I’m doing much better and am optimistic if I go back to bed soon and get a decent night’s rest, I’ll be able to hit the ground running tomorrow.