I managed to wrap up my stories quickly enough to make it home from work this evening with an hour and a half of daylight to spare, so I spent that time installing the new garden fence. The yard was just exactly too narrow for the panels, which I discovered after I’d installed all but two of them. I’m putting the apiary directly in front of the westernmost panel anyway, so I just installed it at about a 15-degree angle to the others. Nobody will notice by the time we get the bees over there; I’ll just have a little extra room to work around the hives, which is fine with me.

Thanks to the uneven ground in our yard, it doesn’t look perfect, but it’s better than T-posts and chicken wire, and I saved a good $250 by installing it myself, so there’s that.

We’re getting quail this week. Eep! Can’t wait to have babies cheeping in the house again. I have to draw up plans for my portable coop so I can gather materials this weekend and start building.

Have I mentioned how happy I am that it’s finally spring?


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