I did several things this weekend, but this was the most important:


That would be the new mini-greenhouse shelf unit I found on sale for $17 while I was picking up seed-starting trays this afternoon. I bought four growlights to go with it and put them on a timer so the seeds I started this evening — parsley, chives, Genovese basil, cilantro, ┬ásage, echinacea, wisteria, pumpkin-on-a-stick eggplant, and eight varieties of tomato — will have enough light.

While we were at Menard’s, we found a compost bin for $30. I generally prefer a compost pile to a compost bin, mainly because I like turning the pile and watching it steam, but I don’t have a good way to keep the dogs from raiding it at the moment, and this bin was cheap enough that I’m OK with using it for a year or two until I figure out my optimal planting areas and install a garden fence.

Walter is terrified of the shelf. I think the assembly process freaked him out. We had the refrigerator delivered last week, and this week, I brought in several boxes, assembled a shelf in the middle of the dining room, and rearranged the furniture to accommodate it. Last time we started bringing in boxes and dragging furniture around, we were preparing to move, which Walter did not like one little bit, so he is understandably concerned this evening.

Poor kitty. His life is so stressful.

Meanwhile, I’m over here beaming, because Planting Day is two months away. Whee!