Geeking it up

We got up later than we’d planned, mostly because we were up way later than we’d planned, thanks to a 10:30 p.m. shooting I had to cover on my night off and a 2:30 a.m. press release about the shooting that I found in my inbox just as I was putting the phone on the charger as I tumbled into bed. Rather than the trip to Jay’s Chicken in Sikeston that we’d initially planned, we decided to head out to the Blue Boar in Cobden, which we’d never tried. The food was just meh (good ideas; mediocre execution), but the setting was great. I was particularly taken with this waterfall — especially the statue above it, which is hard to see in this iPhone picture, but which appealed to my geeky little heart, for reasons involving a certain Doctor.

Look in the background. And keep looking. And looking. And looking. Don’t blink. Whatever you do, DON’T BLINK.

Then I came home and reinstalled the Adobe Creative Suite on my Mac, which I am pleased to report is alive and well and running just fine since I replaced the hard drive yesterday. Replacing a hard drive isn’t that challenging (if you’ve ever changed the air filter in an ’85 Nissan, you know the level of difficulty we are dealing with here), but it still felt good to be mucking about under the hood with a jeweler’s screwdriver like I knew what I was doing.

Unfortunately, I’d misplaced the serial number for the software, so while the installation CDs were running on my Mac, I pulled out my PC and contacted Adobe to find out how to recover the serial number. At one point, I was chatting with an Adobe support guy on my PC, installing software on my Mac, and resetting my Adobe password with my iPhone. This is what my desk looks like at the moment:


After spending the bulk of my weekend performing surgery on my Mac, sifting through more than 35,000 files (most of them images), transferring data from an external hard drive, installing software, and dealing with various and sundry other computer concerns, I think I need a trip to Mr. Typewriter in St. Louis to decontaminate from all these ones and zeroes while I pick up a replacement ribbon for my old Royal portable. Too bad he’s closed on weekends….