Munchkin Tuesday: Packard-Bell Navigator

OK, so I wasn’t technically a munchkin when this technology came out in the mid-’90s, but my younger siblings were, and I’d forgotten all about it until my sister said something on Facebook that made me think of the Packard-Bell my mom bought somewhere around my sophomore year of college.

Skip to 9:30 to see the part I remembered and was trying to describe to my sister, who had also forgotten about it until just now.

It doesn’t make me feel quite as warm and fuzzy as the reassuring “PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT! Chk-chk-chk-chk-chk” of an Apple IIe powering up, but it’s pretty good.


One thought on “Munchkin Tuesday: Packard-Bell Navigator”

  1. The entrance was different on ours. It was a foyer and hall with doors off of it to different rooms. The space screen and the jungle looked familiar, but nothing else did to me. We started with a Commodore 128 in 1985 or ’86 followed bt a second hand 286 a few years later, so the PB was definitely an upgrade for the Priddys.

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