Today marks the eighth anniversary of this blog. It’s wandered a bit — both literally and figuratively — from its origins, but I think the spirit is the same.

I began Dec. 22, 2005, with references to the inaugural issue of The Mother Earth News, the wonderful Waterman and Hill-Traveler’s Companion, my life in Red Fork, Red Zinger tea, and Scout.

At this writing, it’s 2:30 a.m. CST, and Cape Girardeau is dark and quiet. It’s chilly and cloudy, and I am sitting in my home office 450 miles from where we began (but only 30 miles or so from where I found my initial inspiration), some of Scout’s ashes resting next to a kachina doll on the shelf above my head, sipping Wild Berry Zinger tea and surfing the Mother Earth News website while a batch of homemade yogurt incubates in the kitchen.

It’s another grand night for sleeping. Rest well.