Folk Thursday: Amy Kucharik

OK, y’all. The cute brunette singing harmony on this video is one of my oldest and dearest friends. A couple of weeks ago, during a Facebook conversation about ukuleles and rugrats and folk music, she just casually mentioned that Trout Fishing in America had recorded a song called “Creepy Dead Bug” that she and Greg Klyma wrote.

That’s right, kids. The eccentric folk duo that gave us “My Hair Had a Party Last Night” and “Baby’s Got the Car Keys” recorded a song about a dead bug that was co-written by my junior high science fair partner.

I’m gonna need you to remember that the next time you’re tempted to assume your friends are cooler than my friends. Unless you’re best friends with Peter Yarrow, I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna one-up that. (And as far as I know, Peter Yarrow never worked the terms “thorax” or “compound eye” into a song, so Amy still wins.)

Having seen some of the bugs that perished in the Kuchariks’ pool when we were kids, I have absolutely no difficulty visualizing the unfortunate creature that inspired these lyrics….