Geekiest. Theory. Ever.

In honor of the good Doctor’s anniversary today, I think this is an opportune time to share the theory I hatched while Jeff and I were geeking out with a couple of Baby Boomers in the parking lot outside a concert last month:

Judy Collins is a Time Lord.

Here is how I know:

1. Has had multiple, clearly distinct incarnations, as evidenced by a glance at her album covers.
2. Frequently transports people back in time.
3. Has survived multiple events/circumstances that would have killed a mere human.
4. “Slim, and a little bit foxy.”
5. Time Lord technology would explain how a voice capable of filling an entire cathedral could be stored inside such a tiny woman.

Y’all think I’m playing. You watch: The Daleks are gonna show up in the middle of “Send in the Clowns” one of these days, and I’mma be the only one in the audience who isn’t surprised when mah-girl busts out a sonic screwdriver and starts kicking ass.