So … my week has included a tornado, three 12-hour days, an arrest in a case I’ve been covering since April (which happened on what was supposed to be my day off, of course), a homicide, a counterfeiting case, an election, a mad scramble to beat the competition to a story they shouldn’t have known anything about in the first place, and a city council meeting.

Y’all know how much I love my job, but if you live in Southeast Missouri or deep Southern Illinois, and your weekend agenda involves official corruption, blowing something up or killing somebody, I’mma need you to pencil that in for Sunday, because until then, here is a complete list of everything I care about that does not directly involve coffee, Birkenstocks or Joni Mitchell:


That about covers it.

Have a good weekend, and if you’re a criminal, please take some time off. I’m sure you work as hard as I do, and we could both use a break.