A pleasant surprise

One of the best things about moving into a new house is finding nice surprises left by the previous owners.

For instance, the presence of fall crocus bulbs in the front lawn:


Isn’t that gorgeous? I found it blooming in the front yard last week. There were two of them, with big purple blossoms nearly the size of a shot glass. What an awesome surprise.

When I installed the pond last weekend, I also grabbed a drill and found my Green Men, who hadn’t gone up yet because I was waiting to hang them on the fence.

Here’s the traditional one:


And here’s the one I bought at a nursery in Tulsa a few years ago:


I love this guy. He reminds me of my oldest friend, Margaret, whom I’ve known since 1975, and with whom I passed many happy hours as a little girl, making faces that looked about like this.

Love the ladybug crawling on him, too. I forget the name of the company that made this, but I’d love to buy some more of their stuff. They make really cute decorations.