Kitsch collection

Ron and I went up to his parents’ farm in central Illinois for a family reunion last month. We picked up Route 66 at St. Louis and took it up to Litchfield. Best find: An antique store in an old school building near Livingston has amassed an impressive collection of oversized fiberglass kitsch.


I’m not sure when these pink elephants became a thing, but we’ve been seeing them for about 15 years. They’re not quite as common as Muffler Men, but we’ve seen quite a few of them sprinkled across the country.
Love the uber-Deco lettering on the old gym. Notice the glass blocks, curved front and brick speed lines. *Swoon*
Beach Guy here isn’t a Muffler Man, but he’s obviously meant to resemble one. Looks like a latter-day variant.
Here’s a Muffler Man. This one is a Bunyan-type.
The Twistee Treat stand was operating the day we visited. It was cold out, and I was on a diet, but of course I got ice cream anyway. It wasn’t really worth the calories, but mimetic architecture must be rewarded at all costs.
This might be my favorite part of the whole complex.

There’s one more image after the jump. It’s cute, but I put it below the fold so it wouldn’t freak out my friend Marilyn, who is scared of stinging insects.


This pretty little girl was foraging for spilled ice cream at the Twistee Treat counter. I didn’t have my extension tube with me, but the macro setting on the new camera worked fairly well.

Speaking of bees, Ron found an ol’ boy about an hour from here who sells nucs. Serendipity: I really wanted to try Carniolans again, now that we’re in a slightly more forgiving climate. My plan was one colony of Italians, which I know will thrive just about anywhere, one colony of Carnies, and one colony of whatever else is available and sounds interesting. Lo and behold, the guy with the nucs is selling Italian-Carnie hybrids, so Ron reserved us a colony. Can’t wait to see how they do.

Really looking forward to spring.


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