Images from the road

I forgot to dump these off my card and Photoshop them when we got back from our trip to Tulsa to close on the house last month, but here are a few scenes from Route 66. I think the new Rebel will do just fine.


The Circle Inn Malt Shop, on Route 66 near Leasburg, Mo., is one of our favorite spots to grab a burger — just a good old classic diner with good pie for dessert.


I know I’ve posted pictures of John’s Modern Cabins before, but I couldn’t resist breaking in the new camera with another trip. I need to look at the metadata to figure out what I did right here, because I really like that watercolor effect on the cabin and foliage in the background, with the crisply focused flowers in the foreground.


This little guy was in the middle of the road. You can see how little he is compared to the centerline. He was so small Ron didn’t see him when we passed, and I was afraid someone else might not see him and hit him, so of course we went back to rescue him.


He wasn’t very appreciative.


We stayed at The Campbell Hotel when we got to Tulsa, of course. Barbara and Aaron finally got the restaurant open. It’s called Maxxwell’s, and it’s very good. The only thing the hotel was really missing was an on-site restaurant, and with that piece of the puzzle in place, I think it’s going to take off in a big way, especially when tourist season starts again.


We didn’t get a chance to stop in and try the cappuccino, but 918 Coffee has finally opened in the old Tunes Auto complex, which includes an old garage and a gorgeous cottage-style filling station. It looks really cute, and I think it’s positioned well, right down the street from the hotel and right in the middle of the renaissance that’s happening along that stretch of 66 in Tulsa.

I think I’m looking at another road trip in the near future. My editor gave me an extra day off next week because a couple of stories broke this week while I was supposed to be off-duty, so it looks like I’ll end up with a three-day weekend soon. I’m thinking either baseball pilgrimage or Lincoln Highway field trip, but that all hinges on the ability of the Dreamcar to go anywhere that isn’t New Mexico.

We’ll see.