Folk Thursday: Anathea

I was working on a contemplative feminist essay about why street harassment irritates me so much when I’m jogging, but before I could finish writing it, I got sidetracked listening to Judy Collins 3, and then I got “Anathea” stuck in my head, and then I started wondering whether Joan Baez ever recorded it, because it would sound cool if she did, so I Googled it, and … well, I still don’t know whether Joan Baez ever sang “Anathea,” because I sort of lost interest in the question after I stumbled across this video.

This is from a concert at Governors Island in 2009. I didn’t even know Ms. Collins still included this in her setlists. It’s a ridiculously demanding piece of music — awkward jumps and weird cadenzas and high notes all over the place — but you’d never know it from this video. She doesn’t even look like she’s working.

I wish she’d do a book or a DVD series or something on vocal technique. I’d pay stupid money to learn that kind of control.



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