Settling in

OK … I’m still ‘Shopping images, and I’m too lazy to get up and move to my office to use the mouse and the big monitor to pull all the pictures I want to post here, so you’ll have to wait for photos … but here’s a quick update:

* We moved most of our stuff to Cape Girardeau, Mo., on Saturday. The dogs and cat behaved remarkably well and have been real troupers through this whole experience. Riggy is navigating the new house despite constant changes as I unpack and rearrange things to try to figure out the best use of our limited space. Meanwhile, Song is enjoying his new role as night watchman, sleeping on the floor next to my bed, and Walter is stalking around here like he owns the place.

* The new house is much smaller than the old one — about 730 feet vs. 950 — but it’s laid out really well, and because we purged a lot of excess junk ahead of the move, everything fits neatly without looking too cluttered. I still have some things to put away, but I’m starting to feel more or less settled, and I love these hardwood floors, although I’m still trying to get used to the way sound travels over them.

* The new job is awesome. I was afraid I’d be all new-girl unproductive and waste a lot of time trying to get my feet under me this week, but thanks to my editors, I hit the ground running yesterday. I remembered that I loved covering crime. I had forgotten just how much I loved it. This job is totally feeding my soul. You can’t even imagine how much I needed this, or how very, very right it feels to be back in a newsroom with a notebook in my hand. I am in my comfort zone.

* Cape is great — historic properties everywhere, and I think every plant in town is blooming right now.

Now, if somebody will just buy our house in Tulsa so Ron can move out here and join me, we’ll be in good shape….



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