Hive inspection

The weather was warm today, so we popped open the hives and gave them a quick visual inspection. Do I have to tell you how good it felt to suit up and see my girls? The first hive inspection is one of my favorite signs of spring.

After we looked over the hives, we took the dogs to the park. Riggy, who just had his stitches removed yesterday, is getting along fine without his eyes. He doesn’t run full-tilt around the park any more, of course, and he bumped into a bench a couple of times before he figured out it was there, but he did pretty well and seemed to have a good time bouncing around and playing with two other little dogs. It occurred to me that it’s probably easier for Riggy to avoid the obstacles at the dog park, because the dogs out there mark everything all the time. That’s got to make it easier for him to navigate by scent. (Hopefully I am the only one who thought of this. I sympathize with Riggy’s plight, but I don’t need him peeing on my furniture to make it easier to find his way around….)

In other pet news, Walter just discovered that Songdog’s wagging tail makes an excellent cat toy. Song tolerated this indignity until Walter decided to bite his tail. I expect this will become a regular part of Walter’s dog-tormenting repertoire. Song deserves it. He wouldn’t have to live with a cat if he hadn’t decided to kill one of Walter’s littermates four years ago, so this is a problem entirely of his own making.


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