A view from the bridge

The oft-delayed “East Meets West” sculpture has finally arrived at Cyrus Avery Plaza, just east of the Arkansas River on Route 66 here in Tulsa. It’s supposed to be something like one and a half times life size and shows Cyrus Avery, the “Father of Route 66,” climbing out of his Model T to help a farmer in a wagon calm his horses, who have spooked at the sight of Avery’s car. In the car, Avery’s wife turns around to check on their daughter, who is trying to hang onto an obviously terrified cat. I like art that tells a story, and this definitely does that.

I walked out onto the pedestrian bridge above the plaza to get some pictures of the guys installing the sculpture this morning:

Here are the wagon and the Model T.
It was a spectacularly crappy morning. A cold front moved through Tulsa, bringing storm clouds with it. Look at those flags in the background!
Check out that enormous crane they’re using to maneuver the pieces of the sculpture into place.
Here’s a better look at the horses. I like how you can see the old Eleventh Street Bridge and the current alignment of Route 66 in the background.
Another view of the road, the bridge, and the plaza.

I’m not convinced this sort of display is the best way to spend money on Route 66 (I’d rather see the money used to relight neon signs and restore historic properties), but it’s definitely eye-catching, and maybe it will pique some people’s interest and get them off the interstate and onto 66.


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