Labor of love

Ron and I spent our Labor Day weekend working on a preservation project at the beautiful and historic Boots Motel on Route 66 in Carthage, Mo.

Here are some before, during and after photos from our project:

A storm and some equipment issues kept us from getting anything done Saturday.
We got the equipment issues sorted out and began stripping the neon off the sign by mid-morning Sunday. Ron Hart, who manages the motel, also removed a large metal panel from one side. He didn’t find the wiring access he wanted, but we got an idea of how the sign looked when it said “BOOTS COURT.”
Removing the panel made that side of the sign much faster and easier to paint.
Prep work took most of yesterday. I started today by hitting the channel letters on the south side of the sign with a coat of white paint.
Fresh paint really made the letters pop.
Next came a coat of black on the background.
The two Rons (Hart, pictured, and Warnick, helping from the ground) raised the “MOTEL” panel into place. I was pretty excited to see how it looked.
Next came the north side of the sign. Here it is with the black background filled in. Ron Hart did all the parts I was either too short or too scared to reach.
With the background all filled in, I painted the letters on the north side of the sign.
Love the contrast between the old paint (“BOOTS”) and the new (“MOTEL”).
Just a little more….
Finished! Ron Hart is going to take care of touchups and paint the green bars later, as it was getting late and we were all too hot and tired to continue.
Here’s the south side of the sign.

Hope your weekend was as satisfying as mine.