More bee drama

Remember last summer, when we shucked out $800 and pretty much went through hell and back trying to move our hives all over the yard to get the city off our backs after some jerk called to gripe about our bees?

Remember when I said that I really hoped the guy behind me was responsible for the visit from the city inspector, because the changes we were required to make pretty much ensured that his backyard was going to look like O’Hare International Airport, what with all the hives now facing his property and the big ugly privacy fence guiding them over there?

The guy outed himself today by taping a little handwritten nastygram to my front door, telling me what a horrible neighbor I am because my honeybees are drinking all the nectar out of his hummingbird feeders and scaring his dog away from its water bowl.

I would like the record to show that the letter I am sending back to him does NOT say, “Baaaaaaahahahahahahaha!”

But really:



2 thoughts on “More bee drama”

    1. I’m going to be nice about it, toss out the snarky letter I started the other day (because if he forces me down to that level, he wins — I *hate* passive-aggressive behavior), and take him a jar of honey, a note from the bees thanking him for letting them borrow a cup of sugar water for their honey project and apologizing for their mistake in thinking the nectar was for them, and a set of instructions I found online for discouraging bees and wasps from raiding a hummingbird feeder during a drought. If he’s arsey after that, the gloves come off.

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