Ron found this little guy today and took his picture before releasing him. Isn’t he cute? I love his eyes. He looks like an anime version of a lizard. We think he’s a juvenile¬†Mediterranean house gecko. Apparently they’ve been coming up from Texas in recent years, although they usually don’t make it this far north. Considering our climate the past couple of years, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to find tropical species in Tulsa. We’re getting a lot of Texans around here — armadillos, cow killer wasps, and the rumor in beekeeping circles is that a few colonies of Africanized honeybees have found their way into southern Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, the paper wasps on our front porch appear to be thriving. We considered removing their nest when we discovered it next to the door, but there’s not really a way to relocate them without threatening their survival, so I made a deal with them: You don’t sting me, and I won’t destroy your house and kill your family. So far, that agreement seems to be working. I’ll take down the nest when the season ends, but in the meantime, I see no reason to disturb them. They aren’t hurting us, and they’re a good deterrent to door-to-door salesmen and con artists.