Munchkin Tuesday: A trip to the arcade

I went looking for ’80s video games through which to relive my childhood this evening. I hit the mother lode here.

You’ll have to access these from a computer, as they’re not smartphone-friendly, but what a collection — Frogger, Q*bert, Space Invaders, Zelda, and even Duck Hunt.

I assume no responsibility for your utter lack of productivity tomorrow….


One thought on “Munchkin Tuesday: A trip to the arcade”

  1. Here is a better link: Download the emulator and then google for the ROM files. Place them in the ROMs directory and you can play the real arcade versions on your computer. MAME can run arcade games from about 1975 up to the early 2000s by many different manufacturers including Atari, Namco, Capcom, Sega, Nintendo, Taito, Data East, Midway, Konami, Exidy, and many many more!

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