I need another project …

… like I need a hole in my head, but you know I am addicted to overcommitment and always have been, and besides all that, this particular project needs to be done.

My latest volunteer project is an online news service, sort of like Ron’s Route 66 News blog, except this one will focus exclusively on Southwest Tulsa. We don’t have much coverage here at the moment. The Tulsa World stopped publishing its Westside Community section in 2008, and Tulsa County News ceased publication this spring, so there’s nowhere for people to find out what’s going on around here, nowhere for local businesses to advertise to local people, nowhere for schools and churches and clubs and charities to disseminate information about their events, and nobody seems to be documenting the history of Red Fork in the 21st century as it unfolds.

With that in mind, on Aug. 1, I will launch the Southwest Tulsa Bell, an online community newspaper in blog format. Between now and then, I need news tips — lots and lots of news tips. If you’re in Southwest Tulsa, I want a copy of every press release your business sends out. I want to be on the mailing list for your church newsletter, your club newsletter, your kid’s school, and anything and everything else you can think of.

The Bell will be online at www.southwesttulsa.com. The site is under construction at the moment, so there’s not much to see, but feel free to sneak a peek at the basic template if you’re interested.

We’ll see how this goes.