Bucket list

Confession: One of my fondest dreams in life involves about 15 minutes with Judy Collins and a Hasselblad under a winter sky just the right shade of February blue-gray to pick up her eyes.

Unfortunately, I think that’s the sort of gift God only hands you if your name is Annie Leibovitz — but failing that, I’ll happily settle for respectable concert photos. Considering the fact that I didn’t have a zoom lens and was sitting on the ground in front of the stage, shooting through the snow fence that separated the real photographers from us mere mortals, I think these turned out pretty well. Behold:

I love how happy she looks here.
Dropping the ISO and the shutter speed would have removed the grain, but I can live with grain if I’ve successfully captured the moment, which I think I did.
Tuning the guitar.
Joking with the audience. She told a lot of funny stories.
The microphone is in the way, but I like the expression here.

There is no way to make this woman look bad. This is the third time I’ve seen her in concert, and this is the third time that I have been so distracted that I have literally forgotten to breathe for a few seconds, because she is so striking. I don’t know how anyone who has ever picked up a camera could look at her and not think: I have to photograph her.

She sounded as great as she looked, too. This was easily the best of the three concerts I’ve seen, and she nearly made me cry a couple of times. Is it hopelessly cheesy to say that I regard her voice as indisputable proof of the existence of a creative and benevolent God? Even Ron was impressed, and he’s never impressed at folk concerts. Great, great show.


Judy Blue Eyes


I have better pictures, but you’ll have to wait until I get them ‘Shopped. In the meantime, let me just sum up Woodyfest for you:

Judy. Freakin’. Collins.

And, y’know, some other people, but once she opened her mouth, nobody really thought about anything else.

Full report tomorrow, with fabulous pictures shot from about 15 feet away. And I brought the Rebel this time.