Pacific Coast Highway to San Simeon

Aaaaaand here’s the last batch of vacation photos:

Flysurfers along the Pacific Coast Highway somewhere north of Big Sur. If I lived near the coast, I would have to learn to do this.
Ron shot a portrait of me on the beach at San Simeon …
… and I shot a portrait of Ron on the beach at San Simeon. Notice how we are wearing jackets because it was COLD up there.
Sunset over the Pacific Ocean at San Simeon.

I shot some photos in San Francisco, but they were all cell phone pics that I already posted to Instagram at the time. If you’re really interested, you can find me on Instagram (my handle is redforkhippie there, too) or go to my Twitter feed (also redforkhippie) and scroll waaaaay down to late May and early June to see the photos I posted at the time.

On a completely unrelated note, we got a new pet this weekend. Our zebra finch, Hedwig, was looking lonely after we upgraded his cage to a larger, easier-to-maintain model, so we bought him a girlfriend, whom I named “The Angry Inch” at the suggestion of a hip friend. (Get it? Hedwig and the Angry Inch? No? Bah. Google it, then.) Hedwig and the Angry Inch seem to be getting along well, and Hedwig looks a lot more comfortable in the new cage, which was obviously designed by someone who has owned a LOT of birds and really understands avian behavior. The design makes it nearly impossible for them to poop in their water or throw seed all over my living room. I wish I’d gotten one of these years ago.