Ludlow to San Bernardino

Here’s the next batch of photos from our vacation a few weeks ago. I really do have some good intentions about keeping up with this blog a little better now that I’ve started to settle into the new job.

Abandoned building just before sunset.
Love this old house. I spent a lot of time shooting it with both the Rebel and the iPhone (which produced some nice Instagrams).
Mojave, Route 66, signpost, abandoned buildings, “magic light” just before sunset … if you can’t get a decent shot out of that, you don’t need a camera.
Ludlow sunset. This motel is nothing fancy, but I love being in the Mojave overnight.
Look closely, and you’ll see an unkindness of ravens gathered in the branches of these trees, which are behind the Ludlow motel. I just took this picture because I love the fact that a group of ravens is called an “unkindness,” as opposed to the more menacing “murder of crows.”
This may be the weirdest architecture on Route 66. Love it. Daggett, Calif.
Gorgeous invasive non-native species: the royal Paulownia tree. Fast-growing, terrible for the environment, but absolutely beautiful, and they’re all over Southern California.
Had to get a shot of the Dreamcar at the Wigwam Motel. Excuse the dreadful lighting conditions.

In unrelated news, my old Community World staff got together last night for an informal reunion. I haven’t laughed that hard since our office closed. We’re all off doing grownup jobs now — one girl works for a nonprofit in L.A., at least two of us are in P.R., another guy works for a big publishing company in town — but it was great to see everybody and to be smartass kids again, if only for a little while.


P.S.: I feel a major creative outburst coming on. Stay tuned….


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