Ron and Emily’s Excellent Adventure

I can honestly say that I have never needed a vacation so desperately as I needed the one we took a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect in just about every detail, and I made a conscious effort to savor each moment instead of looking ahead to the next day or the next attraction or the next highlight.

Those of you who follow me on Twitter probably saw most of my Instagrams from the road. Below are a few of the shots I took with my “real” camera (my digital Rebel, which has been with me on every vacation since 2005). Expect to see more in the next few days.

A recent rain left Cuervo Cutoff — an old alignment of 66 between Cuervo and Santa Rosa, N.M. — absolutely carpeted with purple and yellow blossoms.
I’ve wanted this shot since I started painting the Dreamcar two and a half years ago. (Jack Rabbit Trading Post, just west of Joseph City, Ariz.)
Two Guns, Ariz. We spent a long time exploring the ruins out here.
As usual, the lighting conditions were all wrong for Twin Arrows. It looks as if the Navajo tribe is putting in a casino across the interstate. I hope they reopen the Valentine Diner on the Twin Arrows property.
Supai Motel, Seligman, Ariz. This place is wonderful — clean, quiet, inexpensive, and the neon sign is obviously gorgeous. Very nice owner, too.

Tomorrow: Hackberry to Kingman.

On an unrelated note, the new job is great. I’ll have a full update on that later.



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