Daybook for May 23

Because I’m out of ideas and haven’t the time to think of something clever today:

For today…

Outside my window… birds singing and a car that needs to be cleaned and repainted before I go on vacation.
I am thinking… I should go get my hair cut today.
I am thankful for… my new glasses.
From the kitchen… probably Spaghetti-O’s on toast for lunch.
I am wearing… jeans from Drysdales, rope sandals from the Tijeras Arts Market, and an old Route 66 Marathon T-shirt.
I am reading… The Fly on the Wall — one of the few Hillerman novels that isn’t set on the Navajo reservation.
I am hoping… to finish the updates on the new edition of Route 66 for Kids so I can upload it to Kindle before tourist season gets into full swing.
I am creating… a new chapter in my life.
I am praying… to enjoy the day.
Around the house… boatloads of leftover stuff from my classroom that needs to be sorted and put into storage.
One of my favorite things… quiet mornings to myself.
few plans for the rest of the week… finish the book update, steam the carpets at church, clean the car, repaint the hood, watch the movies I promised to review for our school librarian, head west on 66 with a more or less clear plate.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you…

Ludlow Coffee Shop, Ludlow, Calif.

This is where I intend to be exactly one week from now. Best breakfast stop on Route 66, bar none.



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