Vegan experiment

It will be a cold day in Goffs before my beekeeping, cappuccino-loving, chicken-owning self goes all-out vegan, but since I’m planning to whip myself back into marathon shape this summer and have a little down time to spend in the kitchen next week, I thought I’d look into the feasibility of swapping about three-fourths of my usual diet for vegan alternatives, which tend to be an ideal fuel for distance runners.

With that in mind, I test-drove a couple of recipes today. I forgot to take pictures, but the results were good enough that I thought I’d share the recipes, such as they are.

The first recipe was a mock tuna salad made from chickpeas. I know what you’re thinking, and I thought the same thing, but I found this recipe over at Namely Marly and decided to riff on it a little bit. Here’s my version:

Drain a can of garbanzos and mash ’em up with a fork. We’re not talking hummus-smooth here; just knock ’em down to a coarse mush and call it good. Stir in a finely chopped rib of celery, a handful of halved grape tomatoes, a handful of chopped pecans or walnuts, about a tablespoon of mustard, and about half a cup of Nayonaise and serve as you would tuna salad. It’s doesn’t taste precisely like tuna salad, but it’s close enough, and Ron liked it, so I’ll probably make it again.

As I was buying bananas for smoothies the other day, I noticed a sticker on the bananas for something called “Yonanas,” the description for which sounded like a glorified smoothie. I Googled it, and lo and behold, it is a glorified smoothie made in an overpriced small-batch food processor.

I looked over the recipes and decided I could get the same results with a blender and a Mason jar. I peeled and chunked up a couple of bananas and stuck them in the freezer last night. This evening, I put them in the blender, a little at a time, with a splash or two of horchata (which was all I had on hand, but soymilk would work just as well) and processed them until they were the texture of slightly melted soft-serve ice cream. Not bad. I’ll swap chocolate syrup for the horchata next time to give it more flavor.

Tomorrow: tabouli with couscous instead of bulgur.



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