Planting Day!

Despite the ridiculous number of commitments and projects we had to deal with this weekend, I managed to scrape up a couple of hours to celebrate the most glorious holiday of the entire year: Planting Day.

Longtime readers of this blog know that while birthdays and anniversaries are generally ignored around here, and Thanksgiving and Christmas can be rescheduled as necessary to fit the demands of work and family, April 15 (or the first weekend thereafter) is sacred, because that’s our first opportunity to put the garden in the ground without serious risk of losing plants to a killing frost.

I was genuinely afraid we might have to delay Planting Day this year, because we had two major commitments yesterday — an all-day Route 66 festival here in Red Fork all morning and afternoon, followed by a Leon Russell concert in the evening — and we had to be in Oklahoma City this afternoon for an Oklahoma Route 66 Association board meeting, but somehow we managed to get back from OKC in time to plant tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, cucumbers, okra, onions, and four different kinds of herbs. The chickens helped by eating all the grubs I found while I was working. At least a dozen cutworms and June bug larvae met their demise at the beaks of our feisty buff Orpingtons.

Bonus: Our beehives smelled terrific this evening. As I’ve mentioned before, nothing in the world smells nicer than a healthy honeybee colony, and our hives are so fragrant that you can smell them halfway across the yard.

I wish my house smelled like bees. They’re lovely.


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