Yes, I’m still alive.

Sorry for the extended silence; I’ve been unbelievably busy lately and just haven’t been able to work a hand free for blogging.

The calendar still says winter, but I think it’s officially spring in Red Fork. It’s been gorgeous out for the past couple of weeks, we’ve got a dove nesting on top of the pergola, the front yard is covered in little flowers (henbit, star chickweed, shepherd’s purse, spring beauty, and a few dandelions), the bee yard is busier than O’Hare International Airport, the Webster baseball team had its home opener this evening, and I bought half a flat of strawberries and a couple of Brussels sprout seedlings at Lee’s Feed the other day.

Most telling of all: The baby chicks are in at Lee’s. If somebody hadn’t already reserved all the Araucanas, I would have bought a couple to add to our flock.

It’s spring! Yay, yay, yay, yay!


2 thoughts on “Yes, I’m still alive.”

  1. You’re lucky you can buy just a few chicks. In Illinois, we have to buy 25. We can, however, buy just one duckling if we want to AND if we can persuade our mates that they wouldn’t be much trouble. We live in an area that’s surrounded by small bodies of water–ponds, ditches, etc. If we DID have a duck or two or three, they would probably leave before SOMEONE got tired of dealing with them, but we would still have had cute little baby ducks for a little while for the grandchildren. Right?

    1. I am in favor of this plan if and ONLY if by “leave,” you mean “find their way into the oven a couple of hours before Aunt Emily arrives for dinner.”

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