Great day.

Today was awesome. Here are all the things I did:

1. Started organizing my classroom closet. My room is going to look soooo much better when I get this done.

2. Had a hilarious¬†moment this morning involving a very nice professor and a student with a rather macabre sense of humor. The professor, who was a retired elementary teacher, tried to say something friendly to the student. Seconds later, the student turned to a classmate who was annoying her and said — in a tone of absolute seriousness — “If you don’t stop that, I am going to take an axe and cut your head off. Then I am going to cut up your body and hang it from the ceiling in a sack,” to which I replied: “Not in here on my carpet, you’re not.” It was like an episode of¬†The Addams Family….

3. Watched a group of students in seventh hour teach an in-depth lesson on literal equations. Best moment: One of my irrepressible freshmen started the hour laughing and enjoying the opportunity to boss her friends around. She informed me that she was enjoying herself so much that becoming a teacher was her “new dream.” Thirty minutes later, she apologized for all the times she’d disrupted class and told me she would never want to do my job, because it was awful. I asked her what had happened to her new dream. “It’s shattered, Ms. Priddy,” she replied.

4. Got all my progress reports done and turned in three days early.

5. Had Spaghetti-O’s on toast for dinner. (Don’t judge me. This is better than it sounds, and just about perfect on a Friday afternoon.)

6. Placed one geocache on Route 66 and scouted an appropriate location for a second.

Hope your Friday was as good as mine.