Odds and ends

Plans for this weekend:

1. Have breakfast at the Blue Dome Diner.
2. Go geocaching.
3. Grade papers.
4. Plan lessons.
5. Have good coffee somewhere.
6. Do something extremely creative involving watercolors, T-shirts, recycled materials, or some combination of the above.
7. Hunt down appropriate-size mirror for Brews and Bytes bathroom.
8. Attend Oklahoma Route 66 Association meeting in Chandler.
9. Do preliminary work on Tulsa Route 66 geocaching project.
10. Stock up on cache-creation materials.

Brief movie review: We saw The Artist tonight. Strange but charming. It’s basically what you’d get if Wishbone channeled Lassie and helped Batman’s butler do an intervention on a male Norma Desmond. Particularly heartbreaking for an old print journalist who didn’t have the will to survive the transition to digital.

It is now 22 days until Cubs pitchers and catchers report to Mesa, 36 days until I report to the bleachers at Reed Park, 76 days until Noise Nation reports to Coca-Cola Park, and 81 days until I report to the berm at OneOK Field.


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