Wrapping up a long weekend

Because I was a very good girl and took care of most of my responsibilities yesterday, I had today free to do whatever I wanted … so I woke up early, spent a couple of hours brainstorming ideas for my classroom and sketching stuff I wanted to make, and then took a shower and headed out to take advantage of the absolutely perfect weather.

We haven’t really had winter yet. I’m expecting it at any moment, but I’m enjoying the warmth and sunshine while they last. The temperature today was in the 70s, so I put on sturdy clothes, grabbed my iPad and my GPS, and went out to play. I started my morning by finding my 66th cache (not on Route 66, although I wound up there before the day was out) and ended the afternoon with my 77th — an FTF (first-to-find) I snagged in a cemetery on Route 66 right at dusk.

I wouldn’t normally follow the coordinates into a cemetery that close to dark, because most cemeteries have rules against visitors after sunset, and I don’t want to give the authorities any reason to order someone to remove a cache, but I was less than 100 yards from the cemetery entrance and had about five minutes of rapidly fading daylight left when I realized there was a new listing nearby. Luckily, the hint made it a fairly quick park-and-grab, so I was back in the car and on my way out the front entrance as darkness fell over the Mother Road.



I accomplished all of the following on Sunday:

1. Sketched a rough blueprint for the herb garden I plan to put in the front yard this spring.
2. Went to lunch at the Rock Cafe. Came in to find them slammed, so I wound up busing a couple of tables, getting our drinks, and bringing an extra fork to a customer who mistook me for a waitress. Love those only-on-66 moments. 🙂
3. Downloaded the geocaching app from Groundspeak and used it to find two caches while we were in Stroud.
4. Took Song and Riggy to the dog park. We had gorgeous weather this weekend, so they made lots of new friends.
5. Cleaned the bathroom.
6. Laid out the paper.
7. Made a valance out of burlap to go above that Roman shade I installed the other day at Brews & Bytes.
8. Blogged.
9. Fixed myself a pan of alphabet soup.
10. Graded math papers.
11. Recorded grades.
12. Planned lessons for next week.
13. Scanned and sorted Trip Guide ads.
14. Posted a review of a new record store on Indie Tulsa.
15. Scheduled three weeks’ worth of tweets and Facebook posts for church.

The goal — which I met — was to clear my schedule enough to be able to spend today geocaching. This unseasonably gorgeous weather can’t last forever, and I want to take advantage of it as much as I can.