Lacking evidence

Somehow I have absolutely no pictures of any of the things I wanted to report today.

There’s one teensy spring beauty blooming in the front yard. I took a picture, but the macro setting on my PowerShot didn’t want to cooperate, so I didn’t get anything usable.

One of the hyacinths is coming up in the front flowerbed. The PowerShot didn’t like it, either.

I dashed over to Brews and Bytes right before they closed to install the Roman shade I made for the bathroom. It looks good and works like it’s supposed to, which of course delights me to no end. I wanted to take a picture with my PowerShot, but I accidentally left it on the table at home. I got out my cell phone, but the battery was dead. I borrowed Mike’s iPhone and took pictures, but when he tried to text them to me, they vanished into cyberspace.

I had a good day, but I have absolutely no visual evidence to show for it.

Poop. :/